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Specialising in the areas of day services, transition programs and employment for adults with intellectual disabilities, Marriott Support Services is a not-for-profit organisation. It is our aim to achieve greater inclusion in the wider community for people with disability. Let us stand beside you while you reach your goals.   


By Jennifer Lumsden on 09 August, 2016
Dean is well known at Marriott Industries (MI) having worked there for seven years after leaving school. Working at MI helped Dean by giving him the chance to learn new skills and have increasing responsibility so that open employment became an option.
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By Jennifer Lumsden on 05 August, 2016
Marriott Youth Ambassadors
A key part of developing better opportunities as part of the NDIS is really listening to people with disabilities. Recently, I had cause to reflect. At a recent national conference about disability employment, there appeared to be very few people with disability present. Does that make sense? Why were there so few people with a disability? It is worth asking the question ‘Do we need to do better at engaging people with disability?’
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Marriott Support Services was established in the 1970’s. Providing opportunities and choices for the whole of adult life for adults with disability, we promote inclusion in the community. Our belief is that people with disability should be able to focus on their ability rather than a disability.