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Specialising in the areas of day services, transition programs and employment for adults with intellectual disabilities, Marriott Support Services is a not-for-profit organisation. It is our aim to achieve greater inclusion in the wider community for people with disability. Let us stand beside you while you reach your goals.   


By Jacob O'Sullivan on 30 November 2016
Picture of Jane, Jodie, Jeremy, Brett, Emily, Kristian, Liam and Ebony
We decided to enrol in this course to be part of a social environment, to become more self-aware and to learn how to make new friends. We hope that we learn new skills to help with getting employment one day in the future.

Our first impressions of this course were that we felt nervous, scared and we were not too sure how it would all pan out.
After two months in the course where we have met each Tuesday at Keys Rd we think that it is excellent, amazing and awesome.
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By Jennifer Lumsden on 28 November 2016
RTI at Fairway
Social inclusion is making sure all groups of people within society feel valued and able to participate. People with disability can experience challenges to being well included in society.

During Social Inclusion week we highlighted some of the ways we build inclusion on a daily and weekly basis.

For example the VisAbility Photo exhibition at Carnegie Library displaying the photos of Gabrielle, Sheryl and Richard from Marriott House.

Here are two examples from Roads to Independence, based at Nepean Hwy Moorabbin, demonstrating social inclusion in their connection with Fairway Aged Care facility in Hampton and Holmesglen TAFE, Moorabbin.
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Marriott Support Services was established in the 1970’s. Providing opportunities and choices for the whole of adult life for adults with disability, we promote inclusion in the community. Our belief is that people with disability should be able to focus on their ability rather than a disability.