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Specialising in the areas of day services, transition programs and employment for adults with intellectual disabilities, Marriott Support Services is a not-for-profit organisation. It is our aim to achieve greater inclusion in the wider community for people with disability. Let us stand beside you while you reach your goals.   


By Jennifer Lumsden on 23 February 2017
Abby and Nomaan
Abby has a pretty large footprint at Marriott Support Services, working at Marriott House and for over 2 years at Marriott Employment Options.

Now she is moving on and doing what we like to promote here at Marriott Support Services, in Abby’s words, ‘to challenge myself and open doors I haven’t even thought about for the future’.

Abby, what have you been really proud of/pleased to be a part of at Marriott?
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By Jennifer Lumsden on 23 February 2016
Discover, a resource for NDIS, booklet
The NDIS has a ground-breaking aim to increase autonomy and self-management of people with disability.

With full roll-out underway there are a number of concerns over the development of plans.

The pace of the roll-out and the ensuing targets, which have fallen far behind, has led to inconsistencies in plans and in poor oversight of the plans, according to an ABC Radio National program.
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Marriott Support Services was established in the 1970’s. Providing opportunities and choices for the whole of adult life for adults with disability, we promote inclusion in the community. Our belief is that people with disability should be able to focus on their ability rather than a disability.