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Work experience students try the disability sector.

By Jennifer Lumsden, June 21 2019

Year 10 students across Victoria are currently doing work experience. Work experience improves understanding of employer expectations, increases personal motivations and determination within the individual and gives insight for future work options. Three students, Ben, Shannen and Matilda, have been at Marriott for work experience.

Ben is working at Marriott Industries packaging, labelling, event bag packing and light assembly. Last year Ben did work experience in a cafe run by students at his school, the Victorian College of the Deaf. Ben enjoys music, especially Bruch and Mozart, and plays the piano.

Shannen attends Parkdale Secondary College and is working at Marriott Community, assisting with activities such as drama and sport. Shannen’s father works with Marriott, making the placement reachable. Shannen is passionate about cooking and fitness, which are useful as our participants do a wide range of activities to develop confidence, be active and enjoy themselves. Basketball, running, listening to RnB music and Hip Hop are some of the hobbies Shannen enjoys.

Matilda is also a student of Parkdale Secondary College, and her parents both work at Marriott. Matilda is interested in communications and joined Jen Lumsden writing blog posts (including this one), interviewing participants, and also brainstorming ideas surrounding marketing, campaigns and the website. Matilda currently has a part-time job within the fast food industry that allows her to expand her communication skills with customers. She has a passion for creative writing, interviewing, blogging and film making and would like to have a job that uses her inner creativity.

“Doing work experience with Marriott has let me gain insight into what it’s like to work with a range of different people. I have enjoyed my week here.” – Matilda

Work experience students Shannen and Matilda work in Marriott’s art room with Tim.
Work experience student, Ben at Marriott Industries.

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