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Winter CEO post

By Jennifer Lumsden, September 4 2019








Winter has been long and cold this year but we are entering spring – my favourite season. Spring heralds change, growth and warmth.

Marriott has always embraced change through its partnerships and connections. Rather than be dormant over winter we have been busy working with other organisations to grow our capacity and highlight the ability in disability.

Working together with other organisations increases the value of what we do and enables Marriott to achieve greater inclusion in our community.

1. EMS’s partnership with South East Water promotes inclusion and South East Water proudly display it on their website
2. GESAC won the Community Impact Award for the Attendant Support Program, at the Aquatics and Recreation Victoria awards; Marriott plays a key role with GESAC in building an inclusive sport and leisure facility
3. Bridge to Retirement – from Glen Eira Council we have received a grant to connect people nearing retirement with volunteer opportunities.
4. July holiday program was a big success and fully booked. Book early if you want to join the next holiday program.
5. Southland promotion runs once a month from RTI, next 25th September, outside CBA Bank.
6. A Raffle with terrific prizes run by Australia Post with all proceeds going to Marriott will be drawn in the first week in August. Thank you to David Minnala, the Facility Manager and the team at Oakleigh for their support.

We just passed our final Department of Health and Humans Services (HHS) audit with flying colours! Our next audit will be with NDIS.

Connect with us

We are always keen to connect and hear how we can improve our services. In June 70 people attended information sessions and in July we conducted some focused conversations.
Marriott will be hosting more information sessions. We want you to be part of the changes that the NDIS will inevitably bring to Marriott Support Services.


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