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Wills and Trusts made simpler for parents of adults with disabilities.

By Jennifer Lumsden, October 24 2019

“The session was really worthwhile” was one response to the Wills and Trusts Information Session on Tuesday with Jennifer Jackson, a senior lawyer at Moores legal firm.

Jennifer got our attention straight away by asking ‘What are we worried about?’
• Potential exploitation of the beneficiary by others;
• Preserving Centrelink pension and/or Health Care Card;
• Ensuring the beneficiary is looked after; and
• Beneficiary’s inability to handle finances
• All of the above?

Over thirty parents and carers attended and here are some comments.
• Thanks for organising this session. I found it very valuable and well presented.
• Best information session on this topic I have been to.
• Thank you for this session, it was interesting and much appreciated.
• The session helped me sort out what I should do next.

To find out more read Jennifer’s blog on

Look out for more information sessions next year.

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