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Why do I love my job as Coordinator of Volunteers?

By Erica Proposch, May 19 2020

Let me count the ways!

Firstly it’s meeting you, you the volunteers – I love your breadth of experience and talent, hearing of your walk of life former and current– as journalists, mums, dads, daughters, bank managers, artists, CEOs, retirees, board members, looking for work, gardeners, teachers, bookkeepers, marketers and Uni students.

I love to hear of the reasons you walked through the door of Marriott to volunteer – saw an advert and many of you say, “I have time, skills to give, want to be part of something bigger than myself, to give back, to gain experience, to learn.”

This alone fills my tank.

Then I see the connection that develops from working alongside participants, supported employees and staff – the warm greetings exchanged, the increased opportunity, the increased active engagement, the extra energy and possibilities from the support you bring.

Is it the fact that this relationship is not financial that makes it so attractive? The incentive is to give not for monetary reward but for all things non-monetary. This is not a judgement call on work versus volunteering – I do both and both have similar and different rewards. It’s a just a ponder.

My beautiful Mumma passed away on the 3rd of May. She would always ask, “How are the volunteers?” when I walked through the door. Then after I gave her a little snapshot of my day, she would say, “I bet the staff and clients love having the volunteers.”

I think that says it all – we love having volunteers at Marriott because together we are a far more vibrant and connected workplace.

I may be a glass half-full kind of gal – I’m full of the endless possibilities of what we can achieve when we work together.

This year Volunteering Australia has suggested we send a wave of appreciation as we can’t gather to give thanks in person.

Here is my wave of appreciation to you – thank you for all you do.

To all our past, present and future volunteers to come – Happy National Volunteer Week!

#NVW2020 #VolunteeringAustralia #VolunteeringVictoria #waveforvolunteers

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Erica- sending a virtual wave of appreciation to you also as what you do is just mighty. I couldn’t imagine Marriott without it’s wonderful volunteers, it certainly adds to the fabric of MSS and all we achieve for people with disability.