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We recognise and celebrate Carers.

By Jennifer Lumsden, October 22 2018

National Carers’ week recognises and celebrates the contribution of 2.7 million unpaid carers in Australia.

Carers make an enormous contribution to our communities and to the national economy; if carers were to stop performing their caring role, it would cost the country $60.3 Billion per year to replace those supports – that is over $1 billion per week.
We welcome the NDIS potential to support independence and that in turn also supports carers.

Kate’s story

Kate has been the primary carer for her daughter Jackie, aged 50, who attends our Community Hub. Kate does a great job but finds it harder to support Jackie especially with some activities Jackie enjoys like swimming.

Jackie’s additional medical issues compounds the demands of caring for Kate who is at the same time wanting to slow down.

Through Jackie’s NDIS plan a support worker regularly takes Jackie swimming and bowling. Recently, Jackie was thrilled to be able to attend a group holiday outing with 1:1 support, which without the NDIS Jackie would not be able to attend. This additional support means Kate is able to do things that she wants to do, like look after her health more, connect with friends and family and develop her own interests.

At Marriott, we recognise the enormous contribution of carers and say a big thank you to all carers. #whywecare #Carers2018

How the NDIS supports Carers blog is coming soon.

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