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Volunteering to employment and halfway around the world – disability services.

By Jennifer Lumsden, August 15 2019
Amy with the Rockets basketball team.

Amy, who hails from Limerick, Ireland joined Marriott three years ago as a Senior Disability Educator at the Community Hub. Stephanie and Rosy, two former Marriott Ambassadors, interviewed Amy.

Of Ireland, Amy says, ‘it’s very green and homely in that you always know people or someone always knows you, wherever you go’.

How did you start your career in disability?

I studied a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Health and Leisure with Adapted Physical Activity and included specialist knowledge and experience in working with people with disabilities in a variety of settings such as health and leisure centres, sports camps, health promotion, mainstream and special schools, community centres, clinical settings, residential and daycare centers.

Before joining Marriott, I moved to the US and based myself in Alaska, working in a day centre for both children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

It was here I found a love for this work.

When I came to Australia I coached soccer at a private school with a staff member, Steve, who volunteered at and spoke highly of Marriott. I started at Marriott as a volunteer in the basketball program.

What do you like about working at Marriott?

The warm friendly vibe with a load of positive energy is so appealing at Marriott. When I first arrived at the Community Hub, people were sharing a good laugh at reception and it made me relax and feel comfortable straight away.
I am sports mad so I enjoy all the sporty activities at Marriott, like coaching basketball in the GESAC competition. I also like taking a group of women swimming at GESAC and another group horse riding. Anything that is active or sporty I especially enjoy.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

I loved playing soccer but due to several injuries, I now only coach and at the moment I coach a Monash University women’s soccer team, that’s twice a week for training and a weekend game.

Who is a favourite person you would like to have a coffee?

Actor, Emma Stone, of LaLa Land fame.

Personal referral is powerful, Thank you to Steve for referring Amy to Marriott. And the rest is history.

Marriott values diversity in staff and with an active volunteer program and personal referrals assisting the organisation in getting good outcomes in recruitment.

Marise and Jackie with Amy at Community Hub.
Rosy and Stephanie, the interviewers.

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