Volunteering at Marriott during COVID19

Brown haired, young man in a hi vis vest, wearing a black face mask,packing crayons and pens

Volunteering at Marriott during COVID19 – Michael Damjanovic

I was provided an opportunity to volunteer at Marriott Support Services. Due to Melbourne being in lock down, many volunteer avenues were not available, and there were many challenges in obtaining work during this time, so it was great that I had this opportunity.

My main role was assisting in manual labour.  This included light assembly, pick and packing, packaging, product marketing, and spices and herbs tasks.

I drove to the Cheltenham Head office with my face mask ready, and upon entry, I had my temperature checked and was asked questions about my health to ensure that I was fit to work as a part of their COVID Marriott safety plan.

I was taken around for the company induction. Our first stop was the massive storage facility which contained crates of items such as beer, wine, pencils and more.

I met two people who shared the same name as me and it was comical as we all turned when called. They were responsible for the storage and packing of different types of marble and stone tiles. These tiles are used in houses, apartment blocks and residential flats. The tiles were also used in the TV show “The Block”. They supply samples to over 500 clients a day.

The other facility housed items which included lunch boxes and backpacks. I packed goodie bags for Mums who had been discharged from hospital after giving birth. These bags contained oils, body/massage creams, vitamins, post-natal leaflets, magazines, baby formulas, and more. I packed these items whilst getting to know the supported employees and hearing their stories.

I found the Spice Room to be the best part of my volunteer work.  I was provided with an apron, hair net, and gloves. I produced 70 spice containers, by measuring the spices on the scales and meticulously placing them in jars.

The main reason I did volunteer work was to experience working and helping others to deliver value in a socially responsible way. This experience is not something you can obtain from a book or behind a computer, it provided me with greater motivation to add value to the community.

I met a great group of people that use their skills to their best ability and made some friends along the way!

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