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Tips to manage feelings during your NDIS meeting

By Jennifer Lumsden, September 10 2018

To get an effective NDIS plan that reflects the reality of supporting the person you care for does require you to talk honestly about the support you give. Preparing for your NDIS planning meeting, is the time to be honest despite feelings of reluctance.

Here are some examples of supports that carers have felt awkward admitting to:
• Sleeping in the same room as the person you care for to help them go to sleep;
• Assisting the person in the shower;
• Due to anxiety, you need to re-assure the person frequently, every 5mins and that it is exhausting.

For example, you may tell the planner the person you care for does not sleep well, they find it hard to go to sleep, and you need to be in the room each night to calm them to sleep. The reality is you have adapted by putting a mattress on the floor and sleep in the same room. This means your sleep is less than optimal and over time, you are sleep deprived. In addition, for the person you care for, with the right behaviour support they could learn to go to sleep themselves.
If you do not give the details, you may miss the chance to get the right support. You cannot assume that the planner will know the extent of support you give unless you are direct in telling them.
By being honest with the planner, you have a greater chance of getting the right support including behavioural support to help the person you care for become more independent and more in control of their life.
You will increase the chance of getting a better plan.
So how to act despite those negative feelings and hesitation? As we know good preparation is invaluable, here are some tips.
• Accept how you feel as neither good nor bad, just feelings.
• Identify what specific support you give that makes you feel awkward or embarrassed.
• Include this as part of your NDIS conversation with your disability service.
• Practice saying what you need to say.
• Start with “this is really difficult to share but this is how it is…..
• Even though you feel awkward and embarrassed, know it is the right thing to do for the person you care for, yourself and other family members. It is not disloyal but courageous to speak up to get the right support.

Watch the video of our CEO, Janine and our NDIS Engagement Co-ordinator, Sarah.

Angus and Emma, at our Biggest Morning Tea

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