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Thinking differently about holidays, our CEO speaks

By Jennifer Lumsden, August 14 2019

The NDIS is all about an “ordinary life”. People with disability share the same ordinary aspirations of people without disability. Sometimes you need the right support to achieve them. That is what we do!
With the start of another year we continue to listen to you, the people we support to make sure our services align with you.

NDIS changes; take holidays when you want

NDIS is moving away from the old school “day services” model to service provision that supports you to lead more independent and diverse lives.
How we think about holidays is changing and we look forward to holiday breaks planned to meet your needs, interests and lifestyle as opposed to feeling the need to conform to school holiday times.

Holidays outside of school breaks offer greater opportunities and less crowds mean less stress and often lower costs. Not everyone enjoys being surrounded by teenagers and children when on holidays. The time to break out of the school cycle is here; try something new when it suits you.

Plan holiday and social activity to meet your needs and interests.

We know that planning holidays and social activity can be challenging and that holiday can be a time of loneliness or boredom.

Here are some options to consider.

  • Marriott Community Hub will run holiday activities between Monday 30th September to Friday 4th October. Details to follow. Contact Julia at Reception 03 9555 0777 or [email protected]
  • Do you want to plan a day out with a couple of friends? Do you need some help? Talk to your Support Co-ordinator about your ideas
  • here are a number of holiday providers supporting people with disability with a range of holidays, check them out on the internet.

We are here to support you 100%.

If these options are not in your current plan then note them down for your next meeting. Perhaps they are in your plan and you just do not know where to start. Talk to your Support Co-ordinator.

I encourage you to take the opportunity to think about a life that suits you and try something different.

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