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The Shrine of Remembrance

By Jennifer Lumsden, September 20 2019

We wanted to make it in time for a remembrance mass for fallen soldiers in the war. They played ‘the last post’ while we paid our respects.

There’s a light that shines on a plaque, which says ‘greater love hath no man’.

We went upstairs and got some great pictures. The Shrine Museum is below and there is a lot of stuff about the world wars and the types of equipment they used like a compass, helmets, guns and uniforms.

If you are thinking of visiting the shrine;

  • The light shines on the plaque every day at 11 am;
  • We recommend the museum as it is interesting and we learnt about the people that protected our country;
  • When you go please be respectful as it is a place of remembrance.

We then had lunch at Federation Square. If you are going to do this, beware of the seagulls as they stole Jessica’s schnitzel straight out of her hand!
We strolled over to the Atrium and joined a free meditation class. We started by closing our eyes to shut off the rest of the world. The instructor talked about letting go if we are feeling angry or stressed.

Meditation is on every Tuesday at 12.30 for half an hour and it’s a great way to relax your mind.

On our way back to RTI our train had a power fault and we had to get off at Moorabbin and figure out how to get back!

We stayed positive and calm, used the PTV app and arrived at our destination.

Written by Angelo, Kim and Kristian.

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