Tarus is succeeding in his new career with Enviro!

About Tarus

Tarus has been working at Marriott since 2018, he started with the Industries team at the Keys Road warehouse in Cheltenham. He became aware of Marriott Support Services after speaking to a close friend of his, who is a long-term employee who had worked in both Industries and Enviro. Tarus was getting tired of staying at home and wanted to be more productive whilst socialising with new people.

After completing a trial with Employment Options, he decided to commence work with Marriott Industries. He liked doing a range of jobs for Rinnai, where Marriott employees would travel to the Rinnai factory located in Braeside and complete different jobs. Tarus enjoyed working with the vibrant people at Industries and quickly made friends, who he now catches up with outside of work and engages in various team activities such as bowling.

Tarus is well known in Industries and Enviro for his vibrant personality and ability to get along with just about anyone. He is a joy to work with and puts a smile on everyone’s faces around him.

‘I wanted to work because I was sick of being bored at home, I love coming into work and doing different jobs’

Tarus always had an interest in working outdoors and wanted to work at Enviro due to his passion for horticulture. He also wanted to become physically fit and try something different which involves a change of scenery instead of being inside the warehouse all day.

Horticultural Course

Tarus has completed a variety of Certificate 2 & 4 Horticultural courses at TAFE. The course he is currently doing is with Kevin Heinz GROW,which is an organisation that provides courses with industry experience. The course he is doing is called ‘GROW on the Go’ which aims to teach participants about garden maintenance by allowing them to do a wide variety of jobs for private customers. Tarus began this course in March 2021 and will be finished in March 2022. Tarus was chosen to speak on a radio station with his coordinator, to discuss his experience doing the course. ‘I wasn’t nervous at all; it was a lot of fun talking on live radio’ Tarus said. The course has allowed him to gain relevant industry experience as well as meet other people with the same interests and employment goals as him. Tarus has even been able to offer support to some younger students as he has already studied horticulture in the past and has knowledge of different areas of horticultural practices. He enjoys helping other people as it allows him to retain information that he has learnt.

Transitioning to the Enviro team

Tarus expressed to the Employment Officer that he would like to work for Enviro. From there it just made sense for him to move over to the Enviro team so that he can follow his dreams and utilise his skills and knowledge! ‘We encourage people to follow their dreams and provide professional support allowing them to achieve their goals’ Said Sandy Enviro Operations Coordinator.

Currently, Tarus is working alongside Grant, who is an Enviro Team Leader and specialises in Topiary services. Grant has previously worked at the Botanical Gardens, maintaining the health and aesthetics of the different plants. He is highly skilled and uses topiary techniques to sculpt and enhance the plant’s aesthetic appearance. Tarus enjoys working with Grant as he is able to visit St Bede’s College in Bentleigh, which has roses which allows him to use the skills he has acquired from his studies. Tarus is also more confident using different machinery such as the lawnmower, the brush cutter, and the leaf blower.

‘Tarus has grown so much since starting at Enviro. When I discovered that Tarus is studying a Horticulture Certificate it just made complete sense to bring him over to work with the crews. Tarus is now able to use the skills he is learning in real-time and is flourishing in his chosen career’ said Sandy Enviro’s Operations Coordinator.

One of the challenges that Tarus faced when moving from Industries to Enviro was having to get to know and work with an entirely new team. He already knew a few of the Enviro supported employees from seeing them around Keys Road, however, it was a change working with an entirely new team and doing very different work. He also had to be more organised by preparing for work the night before and going to bed earlier due to the Enviro crews leaving around 7 am in the morning! This took a bit of getting used to as Industries would start around 8:30 am. ‘After a couple of weeks, it became a part of my routine, now I like starting earlier because I get to finish earlier.’

Increasing independence

Since changing jobs to Enviro and following his passion, Tarus has recently moved out of home with the assistance of his Support Coordinator, Sarah. The share house is in Sandringham, and he lives with some familiar faces as they are also Marriott participants but from community services. Previously, Tarus had been living with his two sisters but decided it was time for a change and felt as though he was ready to be more independent! He is loving being more self-sufficient and his confidence has grown, as a result. ‘Tarus is a pleasure to work with as he learns so quickly and has so much passion for life. I would describe Tarus as a huge personality who knows everyone in the community and is well-loved by all.’ Said Sarah his Support Coordinator.

What’s next for Tarus?

Tarus is hoping to find love! He is happy that we are out of lockdown so he can continue meeting new people by attending his social group at the Oakleigh RSL. Tarus has also set a goal to be healthier, he is working towards this goal by limiting his takeaway food consumption and cooking healthier meals in his new house. His favourite meal to cook at the moment is kangaroo steaks with vegetables.

Despite Tarus having low vision, he is demonstrating he can work to his full potential. His disability is not holding him back from achieving his dream career in horticultural services.

The Enviro team is very happy to have Tarus on board, he is a positive and motivated person and has contributed great skills to the team. He is doing a fantastic job, and we can’t wait to see what more he can bring to the team!

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