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Supporting people to direct their lives, not just their services.

By Jennifer Lumsden, July 16 2020

What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination supports people to make the most of their NDIS plan. At its best, it is about facilitating quality conversations about what is possible with their NDIS funding, building capacity to exercise choice and control and supporting the individual to find providers that are the best option for them to live an ordinary life.

With the pandemic, Support Coordination has been playing a critical role in helping people to navigate through a crisis. Some of the key supports they can provide include:
• Supporting the individual to find new service providers, if existing ones are not able to deliver.
• Assisting clients in purchasing equipment and learning the skills needed for a person to access services remotely.
• Supporting an individual to contact the NDIA to change their Plan to reflect what support they need right now.
• Supporting understanding of the flexibility in the NDIS Plan to be creative in what budgets are used.
• Providing assistance to access suitable Personal Protective Equipment and consumables where there are local shortages

During this time, our Support Coordination team have been working tirelessly to support people to make sure they receive the best supports for them in their circumstances. Linda, who is the mother of Andy, recommends Marriott’s Support Coordination.

We are very happy with Marriott’s service. Firstly, our Support Coordinator is professional and confident in managing our NDIS plan and budget. She is approachable and helps us sort out any problems along the way. We are keen for Andy to build his independence, and to that end, we are training Andy to use public transport to and from work and, the Support Coordinator works with us toward that goal. It sends a consistent message to Andy, and that’s important.

Did you know you can claim Support Coordination from your Core Support budget?

Are you getting the value for money from your current Support Coordination?

For more information on how we can assist you, contact David on [email protected]

David, Noreen, Sarah (front) and Dana, the Support Coordination team

David, Noreen, Sarah (front) and Dana, the Support Coordination team

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