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Supporting learning for Disability Support students.

By Jennifer Lumsden, November 11 2019

Karen completes her student placement today and I caught up with her.

While studying a Holmesglen TAFE, a staff member at Bayside Developmental Special School recommended Karen to contact Marriott Support Services for student placement. Here are her reflections.

From the time I arrived at Marriott, and even before that, the communication was clear and organised, thanks to Erica, the Volunteer Co-ordinator. When I turned up at each location, staff were informed and expecting me.

I thoroughly enjoyed working at the Community Hub and learning from the staff. My day job is working with children with disability and so working with adults has helped me to have a broader view of ways to support people through the life cycle and transitions along the way.

My favourite day of the week became the day I went to Marriott. You couldn’t ask for a better morning than dancing to Grease songs in Drama or chatting to the participants and listening to great music in Art. The staff are appreciative, encouraging and supportive of my learning. I enjoyed getting to know everybody.

Karen spent most of the placement at Community Hub and expressed interest in learning more by going to Marriott Industries. Again Karen was impressed with the level of communication and organisation allowing people to focus on their work.

Despite the busyness of Industries Bronwyn, the Team Leader Co-ordinator gave Karen some additional background into running the warehouse efficiently and supporting people to reach their employment goals. Karen was appreciative, saying, “Marriott supported my learning making it a positive experience.

And the last word from Karen, “I’d like to come back and join the team at Marriott.”

Here’s a note for everyone, we all play a part in effective communication in our workplace and the positive experience of students, volunteers, customers, participants, supported employees and staff all working together.

Volunteer Program at Marriott

A well-organised Volunteer Program is an asset. It can start a chain reaction, that is good for business. Volunteers like what they experience and decide to come regularly or confirms a career change, taking them to study. Then they join us on student placement and later on completion, be part of the steady flow of students that join our team as staff.
Find out more contact Erica, Volunteer Co-ordinator, [email protected]

Karen, with Rebecca (R)

Karen, with Rebecca (R)

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