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Supported employment that develops people.

By Jennifer Lumsden, January 15 2019

Marriott Industries understands how crucial our people are to the work we do, enabling us to deliver great quality products and services to our customers.
We are committed to developing our supported employees skills and offer a range of opportunities including; working in smaller teams off-site, working in 3PL (Third Party Logistics), Assistant Team Leader roles, and workplace training and certificates.

Warehouse Assistant

The Warehouse Assistant role is a further opportunity for supported employees to develop skills in our warehouse. This role works closely with our Warehouse Co-ordinator who brings a wealth of experience to be shared with the assistants.
The Warehouse Assistant checks and organises incoming and outgoing stock, operates equipment such as the pallet wrapper and electric pallet jack and with the Warehouse Co-ordinator, gives input into how best to meet deadlines.

Chris and Danny are two Warehouse Assistants who really enjoy the additional responsibility, the variety of tasks, the challenging nature of the role and working 1:1 with Leo, the Warehouse Co-ordinator. Leo’s approach is to assist people to work to the best of their ability and develop new skills.
Our staff are key in developing skills and understanding people.

Chris explains ‘I really enjoy working as Warehouse Assistant especially the variety of tasks and more responsibility. Working with Leo gives me lots of confidence.’
‘I like using different pieces of equipment and working to the busy deadlines. I use my numeracy and literacy skills more which I am happy about’ says Danny.

Marriott Industries is based in Cheltenham and delivers quality work in warehousing, event bag packing, light assembly, food packaging and pick-and-pack. Our work experience program ensures the best fit for you.
We support people with disability to reach their potential in employment.

To discover what’s possible with Marriott Industries contact Rose on  9947 1115 or [email protected]

Assistant Chris with Leo the Warehouse Co-ordinator.

Warehouse Assistant Chris with Leo.

Warehouse Assistants Danny, Garry and Chris.

Warehouse Assistants Danny, Garry and Chris.

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