Person wearing personal protective equipment spraying the ground for weeds in front of train tracks

Specialist Services

We can develop a tailored solution to meet your specific project’s needs, through specialist advice and project management.

Specialist services on offer:

  • Revegetation
  • Broad acre slashing and mowing
  • Large open space slashing
  • Fire break slashing/Fuel load reduction
  • Parks and Gardens slashing and mowing
  • Developing management plans
  • Ongoing site and plant maintenance
  • Weed identification and eradication
  • Selective/Non- selective herbicide application
  • Boom spraying
  • Glyphosate free and Organic spray treatments
  • 4 x 4 UTV spraying
  • 600 litre herbicides quick spraying
  • Reach and drain Mowing = Dams, creeks and riverbanks. Drain banks and Steep batter mowing

Our team has extensive practical experience in vegetation management techniques, and their application in a variety of habitats and conditions.

Specialist Equipment

Our specialised skilled team can offer a range of grounds maintenance machinery and specialist equipment from hand operated plant equipment, through to highly specialised spraying and reach mowing machines.

We have a New Holland fleet of T series Tractors

Our team is proficient in the use of data technologies such as:

  • Safety Alert Monitoring
  • Photo Point Monitoring
  • Global Positioning Systems

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