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Social inclusion – getting ready to vote

By Jennifer Lumsden, October 16 2018










We had a visit from the Victorian Electoral Commission to show us how to enrol to vote and how the voting process works.

Voting is important for people to have a say. Sometimes people with a disability can feel excluded from voting and no one communicates how to vote and so people feel anxious and don’t vote.

Some of us had not voted before.

We want everyone to be included and that means being able to vote.

Toni, who had not voted before, said ‘now I know how to vote, I don’t feel anxious about it.’

During the session, a voting booth was set up and everyone went through the process of voting.

What we learnt about voting

When you arrive to vote, you are asked three questions to mark you off the electoral roll:
1. Your name
2. Your address
3. Have you voted already today? To make sure everyone votes only once.

To be on the electoral roll you need to enrol, you can do that at a Post Office or online at

You need to enrol by 8pm on the 6th November to vote in the state government election on Saturday 24th November.

You can check you are on the electoral roll at

Voting is compulsory so you may be charged a fine if you are enrolled and do not vote.

If you have a question, when you are at the voting station there are staff around and they are there to help you.

You can vote early

For more information

It was a great session with everyone learning a lot.

Thank you to the Victorian Electoral Commission.

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