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Our Social Enterprise Businesses

With CoVid-19, Marriott Industries and Enviro Management Services remain open for business as usual and at the same time are enforcing strict physical distancing, hand washing and cleaning of surfaces.

We operate two social enterprise businesses; Marriott Industries (MI) and Enviro Management Services (EMS).

Marriott Industries has a range of work including pick and pack, event bag packing, light assembly, food packaging, third-party logistics and warehousing. We work in-house or at your site.

Enviro Management Services delivers a range of work including landscaping- construct and maintain, grounds maintenance, garden maintenance, environmental works (bushland management), broadacre and specialist mowing and weed control services and commercial cleaning.

Both business units operate within a commercially driven environment, delivering quality and value to customers coupled with social benefit through employing people who often find it hard to find and keep a job.

Here’s how the social benefit works.

Your business requires a product to be packaged, you outsource this function to ensure cost-effective and quality outcomes. When you select a business such as Marriott Industries the benefit is twofold; a quality service with social benefit for employees.

Employee benefits include increased confidence, skill development and economic participation, which in turn benefits the individual, their families and local communities.

This is sustainable business, business with social benefit makes good business sense.

Often utilising sustainable businesses attracts new customers to your product, which is a further win!

Why choose Marriott’s social enterprise businesses;

  • We deliver benefit to our business customers, our employees and the community
  • We provide a professional quality service for a competitive price
  • We are committed to safety and quality, we are ISO 9001 and AS 4801 accredited
  • We act with integrity and honesty whilst operating sustainably
  • We offer a work experience program to ensure the best fit and support for employees
  • We provide regular training and offer career progression for our employees with disability

We enable adults with mild disability to achieve their full potential in integrated work environments.

Want to know more;

Marriott Industries
Lindsay Smith, Divisional Manager, 9947 1117
 [email protected]

Enviro Management Services
Raymond Lee, Divisional Manager, 9947 1123
 [email protected]


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