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Roads to Independence 

Would you like to take your independence to another level?

Our Roads To Independence (RTI) program is a progressive and individualised way of partnering with you and your family to build an independent life.

We will take your independence to another level, with a focus on decision making, self-managing and finding future pathways.  Building your confidence through social skills, friendships and community inclusion opportunities.

We create space for learning about yourself and others through listening, assertive communication and decision-making discussions.

To support the life you choose, we will work with you and your family, so that together we can assist you to reach your goals.

Example skills & support offered

  • How to cook a meal for yourself, family and friends
  • Travel on public transport with peer support, shopping outings
  • Learn to manage money and plan ahead
  • Health and wellbeing, nutrition ‘healthy body, healthy mind’
  • Further education in work and life skills with a Certificate I in Transition Education, and Certificate I in Work Education
  • Technology and computer skills
  • Improve your numeracy and literacy
  • Volunteering, which is rewarding and can be a bridge to supported employment
  • Having fun!

“I love going on the holiday programs, and to go out in the community and meeting new people.  I love going to gym it helps me to stay healthy, and swimming makes me feel good” – Emma Payton

To join us at RTI, you must:

  • Be willing to build on your life skills
  • Be able to use public transport with minimal support
  • Show interest in doing community-based work, or willing to learn volunteering, work experience, or further education opportunities
  • Feel OK to be left unsupervised for short periods of time
  • Own a mobile phone

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Life Skills

At Roads to Independence, we teach you daily life skills, to assist you on your own, to becoming independent.

You will learn

  • Literacy skills
  • Road safety skills
  • How to use technology
  • Meal preparation skills
  • How to travel safely by taxi or public transport
  • How to manage and budget money through banking

By learning life skills, you will become confident and have more control over your life.

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Health & Wellbeing

To keep you fit and healthy! we can offer you exercise, cooking and nutrition programs with a smile.

This includes:

  • Gym programs
  • Team sports at GESAC
  • How to cook healthy food
  • Educating about nutrition
  • How to shop for groceries at the supermarket
  • Hygiene and personal care

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Support to Volunteer

 At Marriott we provide opportunities for you to get involved in community-based work, both paid and volunteering.

We focus on assisting individuals to be independent in the community through tailored flexible volunteering programs.

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