Rhiannon pursues her passion for photography at the Community Hub!

Rhiannon is a participant at Marriott’s Community Hub. She enjoys the wide range of activities that Marriott has to offer, such as art and the out and about days to the city and local areas.

Rhiannon has a passion for photography, and she has been capturing images of her interests ever since. Photography allows Rhiannon to express herself by showing people what interests her, such as movie characters, celebrities, and musicians. Her photo subjects are changing every week. This week, Rhiannon is fascinated by an image of an Anime cartoon character with braided blue hair.  The Disability Support staff at Marriott are aware of what makes Rhiannon happy and focus on tailoring different activities to allow her to pursue her passion for photography.

Rhiannon is well known within day services for taking her camera with her on outings and capturing statues in parks and historical places, such as the Shrine of Remembrance in the city.  She enjoys trips to the local Library and JBHIFI, where she takes photos of DVDs and CD covers. She will often find a book, DVD, or magazine, and flick through all the pages until she finds an image that appeals to her, then captures it on her digital camera.

The staff accompany her to print her photographs at Officeworks and Kmart using the self-service photography machines. Rhiannon has become tech-savvy and has learned the skills to insert her memory card, select the images which she would like printed, scan the barcode allowing the photos to print out, and pay using her rechargeable card. The process of printing the photos not only allows her to pursue her hobbies, but she is able to practice money and budgeting skills when putting money on her rechargeable card and paying for the printing service.

Once the images are printed, Rhiannon then adds them into a special folder, which has clear plastic pockets for her photographs, this allows her to neatly organise them so she can show people at Marriott. She takes pride in her photography folder and the whole process from taking the photos to revealing the final product makes her very happy.

Everyone at the Community Hub loves seeing Rhiannon’s photos once they are printed out and cannot wait to see what amazing photographs she will take in the future.

Marriott’s Community Hub offers a wide range of programs to suit everybody’s interests and goals. From creative art to sport at GESAC you will find an activity suitable for you.

To find out more about the Community Hub please visit the Disability Services page.

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