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Return of Level 3 Restrictions, CEO update.

By Jennifer Lumsden, July 8 2020

With the return to Level 3 restrictions coming into place for the next 6 weeks, I want to reassure everyone that it is business as usual here at Marriott and we are continuing to operate under our strict COVID protocols. As our organisation operates in the disability environment, we provide care and support for people with disabilities through our community services areas and client support services, which is exempt under the restrictions.

At Wheatley Road, clients and families are aware that there have been some major transformations, clean up and reorganisation at this site as part of our COVID safety protocols when we reopened last month. Some of these measures include restricted movements and numbers in the building and rooms, groups and staff operating in contained teams and rooms, temperature checks on arrival, strict infection control and cleaning across the site each day and toilets after each use, physical distancing and other COVID health and safety actions.

What this means for us here at Marriott:-

Marriott is an essential service as we are in disability we provide much needed supports for our clients and their families. So at this stage, our Community Services will remain open to those clients and families who wish to continue these supports. Along the journey, there may be some changes and reductions in staffing and program arrangements, which will be monitored and adjusted as, required. If this occurs our staff will keep you briefed on developments here.

RTI and Community Services – please note that will be restrictions on exercise in public areas with limitations to 2 people which our team will be required to comply with so I hope you understand that we may not be able to provide the range of exercise activities that we have been providing.

Client support services (Support Coordination) will continue to be provided to clients. This support will be provided via phone, email or zoom and where necessary face to face interviews at our sites under strict COVID conditions.

Marriott Industries and Enviro Management Services will continue business as usual as this work is deemed essential and can’t be done at home. Please note that there may be some changes and reductions in staffing arrangements will be monitored and adjusted as required. Our staff will keep you updated on requirements here.

• Corporate/Skilled volunteers on priority projects are able to work from the sites under strict COVID conditions if this work cannot be done from home. Please note all other volunteer activities remain suspended until otherwise advised.

Access by visitors into our sites will be limited to essential urgent matters only with any meetings should ideally be conducted via telephone, teleconference or zoom arrangements.

• Any client, staff member, supported employee or skilled volunteer who presents with or displays symptoms of a cold, flu or COVID during the day will be immediately sent home and cannot return until they are will and have medical clearance.

Anyone who is tested for COVID must remain at home until the result is known; if this is negative they may return under our COVID protocols.

• Anyone who is tested for COVID and has a positive result, must stay home until such time as they have 2 consecutive negative results and medical clearance in accordance with the Department of Health’s requirements.

Ann Maree Colborne, CEO

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