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Reflections on Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

By Jennifer Lumsden, October 7 2019

A group from Roads to Independence, at Marriott Support Services, went to the show and here is our opinion.

We all loved the experience and the storyline. We are all so thankful we were able to see it with each other.

We liked how Charlie’s grandad was encouraging Charlie by telling him to believe in his dreams and wishes and told him to follow them.

It helped us to think “if you work to your dreams you can achieve anything.”

It’s good to be curious. Charlie was told not to touch Willy Wonkas’ book, but he did touch it and put his own thoughts and dreams in it. When Willy Wonker saw the book it reminded him of himself when he was younger and he decided to give Charlie his factory. This encouraged us to be more curious and work towards our dreams.
Veruca Salt, Augustus, Mike Teavee and Violet didn’t follow the rules and missed out on the final reward of the factory.

The storyline taught us to believe in ourselves and to never stop trying.

Jesse – I liked it all
Wells – The umpalumpers were so funny.
Jessica – I thought the music was very catchy.
Chris – I liked the end when Charlie won the factory.
Ebony – I loved everything about it.
Paul – The performance was amazing.
Michael – I liked how the Umpaloopers danced.
Andy – I liked it when the aeroplane flew to the roof and disappeared.
Jess – I liked how Charlie’s mum cared for him and let him believe in his dreams.
George – I liked the squirrels, they were funny.
Michael – I liked at the end when Charlie won the factory.
Samson – If you work on your dreams you can achieve anything.
Alicia – I liked the part when the girl blew up and exploded all over the stage floor.

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