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Reflections on a busy year, at Marriott Industries.

By Lindsay Smith, November 25 2019

There has been a steady flow of work in 2019 at Marriott Industries with this last quarter being our busiest in preparation for Christmas.

Marriott Industries is best described as a ‘hive’ of activity with two factories in full operation completing a wide variety of work. We continue to work with a strengths-based model and this year has seen some big results as some of our supported employees have learnt third-party logistics skills. Add this to our other roles of assistant team leader and warehouse assistant Marriott Industries is leading the way forward in choice.

As an example of the hum of activity – Spice jarred this year alone will reach  225,690 jars. I’m exhausted just writing this!

Achieving such great results is all due to the work of our supported employees who have such a sense of pride in their work along with a tremendous work ethic. Their dedication to the task is outstanding as is the performance from all of the Industries team who keep the wheels turning.

We are all looking forward to 2020 and all it will bring. We know we will be busy and very much learning our way forward as we continue to adapt to NDIS.
We will continue to grow in our abilities to ensure people with disability have a choice. We will continue to assist people to discover what is possible with employment.

If you are looking for supported employment where the focus is maximising potential call Rose on 9947 1115.  Let’s start shaping your future together.

On behalf of Marriott Support Services, thank you for your support during the year. We wish you a Merry Christmas, a joy-filled, and prosperous 2020.

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