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Quality Support Co-ordination saves time and headache.

By Jennifer Lumsden, June 26 2019

Support Co-ordination helps to connect to services that align with the goals in your NDIS plan, building independence through increasing choice and control of your life.
Finding a Support Co-ordinator is not easy. So we asked Support Co-ordination customers, ‘what was important when accessing support co-ordination?’

Here is a sample of what was said;

We are lucky to have a Support Co-ordinator who helps us explore the right service providers. As a result, I have saved so much time and headache.

Our Support Co-ordinator has always given us full support, thoroughly explaining everything we need to know, and has been very patient with our questions.

The Support Co-ordinator helped by connecting us with service providers we would not have been aware of and gave us confidence.

The Support Co-ordinator was independent and had the family’s best interests as a priority, giving us time, space and opportunity to take control as we wanted.

I was so impressed with our Support Co-ordinator, who responded quickly to address issues, updating me with ideas and new opportunities.

Our Support Co-ordinator was invaluable in helping me negotiate the daunting task of allocating funds and finding the right services in areas that I am unfamiliar with.

The Support Co-ordinator was very determined, efficient and polite with good manners, listening to our opinions, making A (son) very happy.

We would not have known what to do without the Support Co-ordinator at Marriott, who has been very helpful.

I would definitely recommend Marriott’s Support Co-ordination for their help and understanding.

Navigating through the NDIS can be complicated. If you get funding for Support Co-ordination then finding good quality service will make the difference to effectively using your funds. After all, it is about your life. It looks like Marriott’s Support Co-ordination is on the right track.
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