Recent Projects

Seaford High Volume Planting

Enviro planted 197,000 tube stock and trees, over 6 kilometres of land in the Seaford railway area throughout 2020/2021.

Enviro staff have spent approximately 1,600 hours on this project over the last 12 months, and the team continues to maintain these plants by watering and weeding them while they grow and develop.

Enviro implements land management techniques to prolong the plant’s life and sustain the ecosystem for years to come.

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Project management

Are you at the concept stage of your project? 

Or perhaps requiring a smooth hand-over of a maintenance level agreement?

You can engage with us in the early mapping and concept stage to assist with overall plant selection, installation, establishment and maintenance.

Enviro will work with you to plan within specified standards, whether it be one feature tree, or an area of mass planting.

We have experience in small and large jobs.  Enviro understands the importance of taking care of the environment, and creating sustainable habitats.  This approach ensures the integrity and maintenance of plant communities are upheld for any project.

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