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To protect the privacy and confidentiality of information collected about clients and employees.



  • Marriott Support Services only collects information, about a client or employee, directly relevant to the delivery of Marriott supports or to the employment of an individual.
  • Where possible, all personal information will be collected directly from an individual. (Refer attached checklist page 2)
  • When collecting personal information an individual is informed about each of the proposed collections, uses / disclosures. The individual will be advised of the consequences (if any) of failing to consent to one or more of the proposed collections, uses and /or disclosures i.e. whether a service will be denied if consent is not given. The individual may withdraw their consent at any time.
  • Appropriate support will be provided /sought to ensure the individual has the capacity to consent. An advocate or supporter may act on an individual’s behalf. When this occurs the client will still be involved and information will be presented in an understandable and comprehensible way.
  • If information about an individual has been collected from someone else, or through some other means, reasonable steps will be taken to inform the individual.
  • Where information is used for evaluation or research purposes, Marriott Support Services will ensure identifying information i.e. social security numbers, birth dates, names are removed.
  • Personal information will not be used or disclosed for any purposes other than those stated in accordance with this policy, or unless an exception under state or federal law applies. Clients and/or their representatives are required to complete an Authority to Release Information form on an annual basis. If this form is not completed then information may not be disclosed to other entities.



  • Information relating to a client or an employee is treated in a confidential manner and stored securely.
  • Any disclosure of the individual’s disability is undertaken with their knowledge and in a positive manner on a need to know basis. Staff shall not communicate, publish, release or disclose any personal information provided to them in the course of their work regarding an employee or client, including any disability, except:
  • as required to maintain or deliver supports, including NDIS or government funding for supports; or
  • as required to enable an individual’s employment; or
  • in the course of assisting individuals to access training or search for employment; or
  • with the informed consent of the employee, client or the employee’s or client’s parent, carer or guardian, or as authorised or permitted by law.


Security and accuracy of information

  • Reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that personal information held is accurate, complete, and up to date and is protected from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.
  • Clients and employees will be made aware of this policy by:
  • Incorporating it in the respective Supported Employee and Client Handbooks;
  • Providing copies to clients, carers and all new staff


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Information on how to complain about breaches of confidentiality or privacy is provided on page 3 of this document


Does the individual know:

  • Who is collecting the information?
  • Why the information is being collected?
  • What it will be used for; and where?
  • How they can get access to the information?
  • Who else usually has access to the information?
  • What the main consequences, if any, are for the person if they do not provide the information
  • Who the information might be given to.



The Chief Executive Officer
Marriott Support Services
15a 56 Keys Rd
Cheltenham, Vic 3192
Tel: 9555 0777
[email protected]

The STOPline
Marriott’s Whistleblower service
Tel: 1300 304 550

Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection
PO Box 24014
Melbourne Victoria 3000
Tel: 1300 666 444
[email protected]

Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001
Tel: 1300 363 992
[email protected]


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