Olivia lands her dream job in open employment as part of the Corporate Services team!

Supported Employment opportunities at Marriott

At Marriott, we provide opportunities for supported employees to excel in their careers, and achieve their goals through supported learning, on-the-job training, and personal development opportunities.

About Olivia:

Olivia has been employed with Marriott for 19 years. Olivia is one of the original Marriott Industries employees and is very known within the team and now, the entire organisation!

She is recognised for her bubbly personality, determination, and being a supportive friend to all employees. She first became aware of Marriott in 2002, when she was working at Taylor Street Deli in Moorabbin, which was associated with a company called Search Association. Search Association later merged with Marriott Support Services, creating opportunities through supported employment.

Olivia is extremely busy in her work and personal life, she does personal training twice a week to stay fit and strong, and loves music, walking, dancing, and cooking healthy gluten free meals! She lives independently in an apartment located in inner-city Melbourne and has been living there shortly after she started at Marriott. She is dedicated to Marriott as an organisation and believes and upholds Marriott’s core values and beliefs. Integrity, Accountability, Respect, and Safety.

Training opportunities through Marriott

In 2010, Olivia commenced an administration role one day a week at the Marriott Head Office with the former ‘Employment Options’ team. This experience allowed her to gain confidence in answering phone calls and using the computer. During this time, Marriott was a Registered Training Organisation, which enabled Olivia to complete several certificates in Hospitality, Work Education, and Business Administration at Swinburne TAFE.

‘The different courses taught me great interpersonal skills, organisation, communication and computer skills which has helped me in my roles at Marriott’.

Starting employment with Marriott Industries

In 2012, Olivia decided to complete a work trial with the Industries team. She had previous knowledge of the type of work and decided to give it a go with an end goal of increasing her workdays and learning new skills along the way. Straight away, she enjoyed the different types of jobs, and the people were excellent to work with.

Olivia then commenced work with Industries which was followed by becoming an Assistant Team Leader in 2014.

‘I wanted to build my knowledge and skills to help in any way I could’.

She desired more responsibility and asked a few people if they thought she would be suitable, everyone agreed, and she began the process of applying for the Assistant Team Leader position. The process involved putting her name down on a list of candidates and going through the application process, just as you would an entirely new job. She had an interview with management, where she discussed why she wanted to become an Assistant Team Leader, and the leadership skills she would be able to offer, such as good communication skills, ability to remain on track with tasks and assist others as part of a team to achieve business objectives.

Assistant Team Leaders report to the Senior Team Leader and involves setting out each job by collecting all the items needed, teaching the employees how to do the job, helping anyone if they need assistance, and performing quality assurance checks.

‘If something wasn’t done right, I’d help the employee to re-do the job, so it’s sent out correctly for the client’. ‘Quality is so important and must be exactly how the client advised’.

Olivia successfully led the Industries team to ensure jobs ran smoothly, meeting deadlines and guiding employees through different tasks.

‘When I first started, I didn’t even know how to use a tape gun! When I look back, I learnt a lot from Industries… communication, the importance of teamwork, goal setting, and safety. The list is endless!’

‘The highlight of Industries was working with the whole team, helping with the work, and getting the jobs done. I have made so many new friends along the way and most importantly had fun.’ ‘The role was challenging at times, but I got through it, and I did what was needed to get the jobs done’.

After working at Industries for some time, Olivia felt as though she needed a career change. This was influenced by wanting to be challenged in a different way. She had mentioned to a few staff members that she had a Certificate 1 in Business Administration, and the team had a few conversations with staff, and they decided that working at Reception would be a great opportunity for Olivia to utilise her skills.

Training and mentoring opportunities at Marriott

Olivia completed her on-the-job training into open employment by working at our Keys Road Reception with Julia our Office Manager. She successfully learnt different tasks, such as answering phone calls, updating the phone list, and other administrative duties to assist in all areas of the organisation. Olivia is extremely ambitious in her role and is constantly achieving goals; she wants to push herself and learn new skills and this new role has enabled her to do just that. Kim Hearn, her previous Senior Team Leader said;

‘I always told Olivia that she had so much potential, it’s great to see her working in open employment. ‘Olivia is always determined to achieve all her goals and is the most strong-minded person I know. I wish her all the best in her new role at Reception’.

Learning to use new software, overcoming challenges, and expanding her skillset

‘When I first started, my biggest challenge was having to learn a new phone system, as I had never used this type of system before. I continued to practice and now answering the phone and transferring calls comes naturally to me’

‘I’ve learnt some tricks in excel and I am now very confident in excel, I also had to train myself on how to use the Office 365 apps, as some had changed since my first admin role’.

‘I also had to learn about the different social enterprises and getting to know more people, who I hadn’t met previously’

‘What a joy it is to have Olivia on the Corporate Team!  Since transferring to us from Industries in June she has really blossomed.  Olivia has many new admin tasks in her new role and is doing them with a lot more confidence.  She has a friendly and outgoing personality, and this comes across especially when answering the phones and speaking to visitors.  She has also taken on some projects both for myself and Marriott Industries and executed them really well! Olivia has become a really important member of the Team and I look forward to seeing what else she can bring.’ Said Julia her manager.

Olivia’s ambitions don’t stop there, she hopes to complete additional studies in the near future and obtain a Certificate 3 in Business Administration so she can further assist the Corporate team at Marriott.

What is your advice to a supported employee who wants to enter open employment?

‘I know that it can be scary to think about open employment, I have been in your shoes! My advice is, if it’s something that you really want, go for it! Have faith in yourself and reach your goals”.

Olivia works full-time at Reception at Keys Road and does an amazing job!

‘My biggest highlight so far at Marriott was joining the corporate team as an assistant to our Office Manager, Julia!’

“I am very grateful to the past and present staff of Marriott Support Services who have, and are still supporting me in my career, I would not be where I am today without them”.

Are you currently working in supported employment and want to gain the skills required to enter open employment and excel in your career?

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