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Old Melbourne Gaol Tour

By Jennifer Lumsden, September 3 2019

We were excited to visit Old Melbourne Gaol as we all heard so many stories related to the prison. George was a bit scared as he visited the prison before.

When the watchtower tour started, the sergeant asked us to stand in a line as the prisoner did. It was funny and she gave us some cards with our crime written on it. She took all of us to the prison rooms in the watchtower. She asked us to go to a prison room and she locked the door.
After some time, she put off the light. It was scary but we enjoyed it. We put the lights on our mobile. We saw the exercise area for the prisoners.

After the tour of the watchtower, we went on the prison tour. The prison rooms are tiny with heavy wooden doors. We saw the wax masks of people executed and their record of crimes. There were 135 people executed.

The most exciting part was the Ned Kelly story. He was the famous bushranger in Victoria. There was a lot of information on him at the gaol. It is not hard to picture how terrible life inside these walls must have been for these people back in the day. We went to all the floors and we found that some rooms locked and not open for visitors. We also saw the iron mask lock they used to put on prisoners for their crime.

We learned many things about the history of Australia from the tour.

Told by Spiro, Wells and George from Roads to Independence.

Wells, George and Spiro, check out a cell.

Wells, George and Spiro, check out a cell.

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