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Night of nights celebrating people – Marriott AGM.

By Jennifer Lumsden, November 22 2019

At the Annual General Meeting, we recognised the contribution people at Marriott, and with 73 people attending on Monday, there was great positive energy.

The first recognition was for the food prepared by the fabulous Roads to Independence (RTI) cooking groups. The treats included chocolate balls, lemon slice, muffins, rocky road, quiches and spinach triangles. Truly Delicious! Thank you RTI teams.

Our CEO Janine Simpkin who has attended a record 23 AGMs was farewelled in fitting style for her contribution and given our best wishes for her next chapter.

Workplace Awards

  • Enviro Management Services – Richard Goth and Mark Blight
  • Community – Angus Eadie
  • Industries – Neil Blackman

Pam Rivers Volunteer Award

  • Bill Begg – Bill volunteers at Ormond Tennis courts and when a call goes out from Industries Bill is often the first to rolls up his sleeves and becomes part of the team for the day.
  • Carolyn Goodall – is part of the RTI team at Fairway supporting people in the chef’s kitchen, in the office and the community including on Saturday.

The length of service of participants and supported employees were recognised.

  • Thirty years – Louis M (Community)
  • Twenty five years – Jenny C (Community)
  • Twenty years – Adam H (EMS)
  • Community – Andrew M, Emma P, Kristy S, Peter C and Scott C
  • Ten years – Marriott Industries – Chris D, Clelia S, Garry L and Mark I
    Community – Carla L, Ben M, Gary E, Jesse C, John Z, Michael C, Neil B, Steven T and Ryan C.

Our Valued Volunteers

  • Five years – Paul H, Shauna O’C, Virginia R and Helen R
  • Four years – Susie H
  • Three years – Rowan S and Pam F
  • Two years – Bill B, Carolyn G, Taylor H and Maree McC

We recognised the length of service milestones of staff and this year there was for 15 years – Leigh Priggen (EMS) and  Melanie Reed (Community)

Staff nominations for the Allan T Marriott Award

• Lisa Bracher (Community Art Program) is committed to providing art sessions that enable each individual to explore his or her creativity. She has been instrumental in the success of art exhibitions at Marriott.
• David Roberts (NDIS Team) David has played a pivotal role in supporting Marriott with our NDIS transition. He listens well to participants; families and staff, making people feel at ease.
• Bill Stott (Industries) Bill’s dedication to the success of Industries is exceptional. He consistently looks for ways to make improvements while providing more opportunities for people with disabilities. He does what is needed and then some and once that’s done, he does some more!
• David Fraser (EMS) David works tirelessly at providing a workplace based on equity and professionalism by all. David has built strong connections to make a difference in people’s lives.

The winner for the 2019 Allan T Marriott award was Bill. Congratulations Bill and to all those nominated and award recipients.

Thank you to all who contribute to the work at Marriott.

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