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NDIS plan reviews; what now?

By Jennifer Lumsden, October 7 2019

Putting your best case forward for your plan review will increase the chance of your next plan meeting your needs. Your plan review does three things:
1. helps measure progress to your goals;
2. identifies any changes in your life since the plan started; and
3. explores possible new goals.

When do plan reviews happen?

A scheduled plan review will take place before the current plan expires. If your plan is ending soon make sure to contact your Support Coordinator or Local Area Coordinator about organising a Plan Review.

What to do when you have your review?

Let Service Providers know – Ask all service providers for a document about the support you receive and what support you need for your next NDIS plan, including supported employment, day services, allied health like physiotherapy and speech therapy. For example, if you work at Marriott Industries or Enviro Management Services, contact Rose Hadden and if you attend Community, contact Sarah McCarthy.

Work through these questions.

What has worked well in the past year? This will help get the necessary funding in your next plan.

What goals were achieved? Go through each goal in your plan and ask;
• Has the goal been achieved?
• If not, what part of the goal was achieved or how much progress was made?
• What part of the goal was not achieved?

What hasn’t worked in the past year? Is there is something in your plan that did not work out? Do you need more funding? It is crucial to be able to give answers so the right funding allocated to your next plan.

Was there money unspent? If yes, then give a reason, here are some common reasons;
• Couldn’t find a reliable service provider for support;
• Family or cultural reluctance to work towards the support;
• Period of ill-health;
• The goal is not relevant anymore.

Final questions to consider;
• Is there any change in your circumstances?
• Do you have questions about how your plan is managed?
• Would you like to change how you manage your funding?
• What are your new goals for your next plan?

Well done, you are improving your chances of having a successful plan review meeting and a new NDIS plan that reflects your support needs and goals.

For assistance

• For Marriott Industries and Enviro Management Services contact Rose Hadden [email protected] Phone 9947 1115
• For Community Services contact Sarah McCarthy [email protected] Phone 9947 1180
• Contact Marriott’s NDIS Engagement team on [email protected]

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