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Making our own decisions. The rules have changed when someone needs support.

By Jennifer Lumsden, February 27 2020

We all enjoy making our own decisions; it is a human right. Some people with disability need support to do this.

There are changes outlined in the Guardianship and Administrators Act 2019 that affect carers. Find out about how the recent changes may affect carers.

Why it is important?

Sometimes, even with support, a person is unable to make decisions about a financial or personal matter. Here are some circumstances to consider:
• There is a difference of opinion or conflict between family members, carers and/or support providers.
• As a carer, you are concerned about the decisions the person you care for is making or others are making for them.

If these sound familiar or even possible in the future, then you need to know about these changes.

The changes.

From 1st March, a person can be supported by the appointment of a guardian or administrator. Any adult can make an application to VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) for guardianship or an administration order.

Guardians and administrators make decisions that reflect the person’s will (the way they live their life) and preferences unless it would lead to serious harm to the person.

VCAT decides if you need a guardian or administrator for a specific purpose and period. Orders are considered a restrictive intervention and viewed as a last resort, so are only made when there is a specific decision that needs to be made and/or where there is conflict around that decision.

What does a Guardian and Administrator mean?

A Guardian is a person who helps you make decisions about your life, where you live, the support you receive or lifestyle decisions. An administrator has the power to make decisions for the person on specific financial matters.

The changes start 1st March 2020

Find out how the changes affect the role of carers what you need to know.
Come to FREE Information sessions with Hilda Quiroga, from the Office of the Public Advocate.

Hilda is an Education and Engagement Officer with three decades experience in the services sector with Carers Victoria, Australian Red Cross and community health centres.

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