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Garden Maintenance

Are you seeking an on-going, reliable gardening arrangement?

Looking to have a conversation about your specific standards of gardening care?

Our team can provide maintenance for all types of gardens, from high profile annual displays, through to heritage gardens and native plant displays.

As all outdoor spaces have different needs and service levels, we seek to meet your standards and the ongoing expectations of your garden.

We believe the key to providing our customers with the best maintenance service lies within the planning stage, which ensures key tasks and objectives are completed to meet desired outcomes.

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High Volume Planting

Do you have a high-volume planting project to undertake?

Enviro can assist with a range of planting goals. Whether it be for roadsides, parks, new project works, or an environmental revegetation programme.

We provide modern horticultural practices to ensure plant sustainability and holistic ecosystems. To aid garden establishment, we offer services to plant, water and install tree guards and weed mats where required.

We arrange contracts to grow plant stock. This will ensure plant material with strong root structure and appropriate provenance, which leads to growing success.

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To enquire how the Enviro team can meet your high volume planting needs, please fill out the enquiry form