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July holiday activities -the MCG, Bendigo by train and getting lost at the Zoo.

By Jennifer Lumsden, July 23 2019

At the MCG our tour guide was volunteer Malcolm who had been a member for 50 years and he was so knowledgeable. We loved hearing about the history of the stadium and seeing the memorabilia. Wells, a big Saints fan, loved all the pictures of AFL players and got to run up the race.

Bendigo by train

Travelling on the train to Bendigo was enjoyable. Michael in his friendly way introduced himself to other passengers, we played I Spy and appreciated the countryside flashing past.

A Day at the Zoo

At the Zoo, we got to see a pregnant giraffe. Giraffes are pregnant for 15 months and this one looked like she was close to giving birth. The monkeys and meerkats have so much energy and were fun to watch while the elephants amble and are imposing.

While at the zoo, Ben got lost. He knew what to do. Ben stayed calm and found zoo staff telling them calmly he was lost. They accompanied him to the office and when Marriott support worker, Allison arrived shortly after and asked, ‘Have you seen Ben?’ There was Ben enjoying a cuppa tea with a smile on his face.

What to do when you get lost?

Sometimes things go wrong or unexpected things happen, we can’t avoid that happening completely, but we can learn how to respond when we are lost. Stay calm, and find staff or reliable looking adult and ask for help. Staying where you are when you are lost, is a strategy, in case the person you are with returns to that spot.

Don’t miss out on the September activities (30 Sept-4th October).

Holiday activities were great fun.

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