Certified Social Enterprise Businesses at Marriott

We operate three social enterprises:

Enviro Management


Fresh Start (Cleaning)

The business units operate within a commercially driven environment, delivering quality and value to customers, coupled with social benefit through employing people who often find it hard to find and keep a job.

We enable adults who are socially disadvantaged, or with mild disability to achieve their full potential in integrated work environments.


Here’s how the social benefit works

For businesses – if you require a product to be packaged, you outsource this function to ensure cost-effective and quality outcomes. When you select a business such as Marriott Industries the benefit is twofold; a quality service at commercial standards, with social benefit for employees.

Partnering with sustainable businesses can attract new customers to your product, and further equity to your brand.

For employees – benefits include increased confidence, skill development and economic participation, which in turn benefits the individual, their families and local communities.