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How to prepare for your NDIS plan review?

By Jennifer Lumsden, February 24 2019

What is a plan review?

Plan reviews are a part of the NDIS. Your plan review helps you measure your progress against your goals, identify any changes in your life since the plan was set and explore new goals.

When do plan reviews happen?

Towards the end of your first year as an NDIS participant, you will be contacted for a review of your plan. After your first plan review, further plan reviews will occur every two years.

Who will review the plan with me?

An NDIS representative (a planner) will conduct your plan review. If you have a Support Coordinator they will assist you to prepare and may attend the review meeting with you and the planner. You can also take a family member or support person with you to your plan review.

If you do not have Support Coordination there are links to some resources at the end of this blog to assist you to prepare for the review meeting.

As always, preparation is the key to a good result. Use these points below to prepare for the meeting with the Planner.

How to prepare for your review?

1. Let your Support Coordinator know as soon as you are notified of your plan review meeting. Your Support Coordinator will meet with you to prepare and will likely go with you to the plan review meeting.

2. Information from Service providers you use have important information about the support you receive and progress to your goals, so ask all service providers for a document for your plan review. This includes supported employment, allied health like physios and speech therapy and in-home support.

3. Then, work through these questions.
What has worked well in the past year? By telling the Planner what worked well will improve the chances of retaining the necessary support funding in your next plan.

Have goals been achieved? To do this go through each goal in your plan and ask;
• Has the goal been achieved?
• If not, what part of the goal has been achieved or progressed?
• What goal or part of a goal was not achieved?

What hasn’t worked in the past year? The Planner will want to know if there is something in your plan that did not quite work out. Did you need more funding? Or, do you have unspent funding? Is there a reason why the funds were not spent? It is important to be able to give answers so the right funding is allocated to your next plan.

Look at your goals that were not achieved, what was the reason? Common reasons goals are not achieved are;
• You could not find a reliable service provider for support, or support co-ordinator or allied health;
• Family or cultural reluctance to work towards the goal;
• Period of ill-health;
• The goal is not relevant anymore.

What to expect in your plan review meeting

Well done with getting this far, you are improving your chances of having a successful plan review meeting and new NDIS plan that reflects your support needs and goals. These additional questions will form part of the plan review meeting;
• Is there any change in your circumstances?
• What questions do you have about how your plan is managed?
• Would you like to change how you manage your funding?
• What are your new goals for your next plan?

For more information

How to prepare for NDIS_reviewplans2

Getting NDIS Review Ready Client Example Marriott Support Services plan review template and example plan review document
For more information contact Michelle on 9276 4300

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