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How to get a disability Companion Card.

By Jennifer Lumsden, February 20 2019

Would you love to get to leisure and sporting events but need assistance? A companion card can make that happen.

The benefits of Companion Cards are not well known for people with disability and their carers. To assist those who are eligible Taylor, who was a volunteer with Marriott, is now assisting people to get Companion Cards and here she gives some helpful information.

What is the Companion Card?

The Victorian Companion Card aims to give people with disability access to more recreational activities within their community and improve access to public transport. The Companion Card gives companions who are supporting a person with a disability, free entry to a number of activities including cinemas, sporting events, theatres, leisure centres and free travel on public transport. This is an important part of improving social inclusion.

Who is it for?

The card is for people with significant and permanent disability who are unable to attend most community events without having a companion to support them.

To be eligible, you must:

• Be a permanent resident of Australia
• Have a significant, permanent disability
• Be unable to participate at most community activities without a companion
• Demonstrate that the need for a companion is lifelong

How do I apply?

1. Fill out an application form, which can be found online. 

2. Get a medical document stating that you have a disability from your health professional (eg. GP, psychologist).

3. Get 2 passport sized photographs.

For more information contact Taylor at [email protected]

Taylor with Vicki at Marriott Industries.

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