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How Marriott helps people overcome barriers to get and stay in work.

By Marriott , September 6 2017

Getting and keeping a job can be tough, especially if you have an anxiety disorder.

Around 2 million people in Australia suffer with anxiety disorders and this can be a significant barrier to work.

At Marriott Support Services (MSS) we know employment is important for people to build skills, financial independence, confidence and a future. We support people to gain and keep employment and part of that is supporting people to overcome barriers like anxiety.

How MSS supports those with anxiety to get job ready?
At Marriott Employment Options 30% of our job seekers have anxiety that is a barrier to work and in response a weekly group has been set up to help people better manage their anxiety. The group called ASPIRE, uses creative methods to improve self-awareness and develop some strategies of self-care to manage anxiety.

Maree McCutcheon who has extensive experience in student wellbeing and in grief and bereavement counselling volunteers her time to facilitate the group.
Maree explains, ‘I want to assist people to enter the workforce and live life fully without the constraints of unmanaged anxiety that can be so limiting on an individual and their future’.

Olivia, one of the group members who developed the ASPIRE logo says ‘the group helps me understand myself better and to learn ways to help me interact with others.’

Gratitude is one way to help manage anxiety and Maree has spent time with the group to build a habit of practicing gratitude. Here are nine ways to practice gratitude.

How does practicing gratitude assist in work readiness (and in life)?
Practicing gratitude helps us have a positive outlook which is important in life. When we experience anxiety we look inward, we see what we don’t have and what we can’t do. Picture a deep well, where there is little sunlight.
Practicing gratitude helps us look outward, to see the positive, to notice the things we do have, the things we can do, the things we can change.
A positive outlook reflects on the outside in the way we work and in the way we interact with others including in the workplace.
The good news is gratitude can be learnt and with regular practice the benefits come.

The ASPIRE group is one way we support people with disability to break down barriers to employment.

Thank you to Maree for volunteering her expertise with us.

Find out more about the ASPIRE group or about getting work, contact Jo at Marriott Employment Options.

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