Do you need an injection of morale or team building in your organisation?

At Marriott we provide a program for you and your team to volunteer, create purpose and give back to the community.

Corporate Volunteering increases pride and loyalty from staff, improves overall motivation, and enhances relationships between teams.

As a Corporate Volunteer, you and your team will gain unique opportunities to meet and interact with new people, gain new skills, or use existing skills in a different environment. You will explore new situations and challenges with your colleagues as part of a team.

Corporate Volunteers are a vital part of our organisation and have a positive impact on our supported employees.

You and your organisation will walk away from Corporate Volunteering feeling fulfilled and happy, it is an experience that you will not find anywhere else!

You will be performing activities in the warehouse such as

  •         Light Assembly
  •         Pick and Pack
  •         Packing
  •         Re-working
  •         Dry Food packaging