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Fun in the Park

By Jennifer Lumsden, September 26 2019

On Tuesday we got the bus and the train to Caulfield where we then waited for a tram to Caulfield Park.

At the park, we found the perfect spot for our picnic, we laid out our picnic blankets and put music on the speaker. Isabelle and Jess played throw and catch while Andrew and Michael set up football posts and had a game of footy. We were lucky as it was a beautiful sunny day.

Zumba in the Park

Isabelle was excited to take a Zumba class and to show us what she does for fun outside of work. She played Spanish music and told us to line up behind her so we could copy her moves, we did Spanish salsa dancing it was fun as we had to keep moving our hips, arms and legs. We had people walking around the park stopping to watch us. After three songs, we were puffed out and decided it was time to have our lunch.

Allison made some chocolate rice bubbles for our picnic they were yummy – Michael even had three! As a group, we decided to go for a walk around the lake. There were lots of birds beside the lake as we got closer a huge goose started chasing us. We ran to get away from the angry goose, luckily it didn’t come after us.

After a short walk, we caught the 3a tram from the park back to Caulfield station and made our way back to Marriott. We had a little time before 3 pm, so we decided to look up why the birds seem aggressive at this time of year.

It’s swooping season

We learnt that now is the annual spring breeding season for birds and some male birds of some species swoop people to protect their nests and their young. It can be scary to be swooped and even dangerous. If you are in an area where swooping happens, it is best to cover your head – wear a hat or carry a stick or umbrella above your head. Cyclists should be careful, dismount and walk through the area.

What we learnt about ourselves:

  • That we are confident to dance in front of people in a public place and to have fun.
  • That we have something in common – WE LOVE ZUMBA
  • Getting out in the sun and in nature was good for us physically and mentally.

Caulfield Park is a great place to catch some sunshine.

Michael, Isabelle, Andrew and Jess

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