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Finding my interest – in a commercial kitchen, Jess’ story.

By Jennifer Lumsden, November 13 2018

Jess in the kitchen

18 months ago, I started volunteering at Fairway Aged Care Hostel in Sandringham, in the commercial kitchen.

At first, I was very nervous but then I got used to it and really like it.

What I like about volunteering at Fairway is working with the chefs, especially Carl, who is cool to work with. He is patient and teaches me things.

After the first 3 months, I was asked if I would like to volunteer on another day on my own and I jumped at it, because I really like working at Fairway.

However, to go to Fairway on my own I had to learn to travel on the bus, and I was very anxious about this.

Carolyn, a volunteer helped me learn to travel on the bus from Moorabbin to Fairway in Sandringham and after a few weeks she said to me “I don’t think you need me anymore’ and I agreed. Now I am confident to travel there on my own.
It is great to feel much more confident travelling independently.

Three ways Marriott has supported me
1/. By giving an opportunity to work at Fairway where I discovered I really like working in a commercial kitchen.
2/. Learning to travel independently.
3/. Being more able to manage my anxiety.

Check out Jess on the video. Jess is part of Roads to Independence.

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