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Fearful of retiring? I’ve got one word to say to you – Volunteer!

By Jennifer Lumsden, October 7 2019

Are you looking for social connection, skill development, friendships and fun? Volunteer!

Many of us take for granted the opportunity to volunteer. Barriers still exist for people with disabilities to volunteer, that’s why we are thrilled to receive a community grant from the City of Glen Eira to support individuals, who are considering retiring or choosing to decrease their workdays, to link into volunteer opportunities.

As we know retirement isn’t stopping, instead it’s a time where more space can be created for recreation, pursuing hobbies and volunteering in an activity that brings mutual rewards.

The transition from employment can be difficult for all of us and leave an individual feeling without purpose, disconnected from routine and with fewer social connections. Volunteering can bridge this gap, allowing people to pursue interests, use their skills, keep a routine and develop new social networks in the community.

A key barrier is not knowing where to volunteer or how to take the first steps. The grant will enable that missing support to set the wheels in motion for people interested in volunteering.

We are excited to launch the Bridge to Retirement Project to increase volunteer opportunities driven by people’s skills, interests and passions.

How can you help?

If you are considering volunteering and don’t know where to start or if your business, club or organisation is seeking volunteers, please call Erica, Co-ordinator of Volunteers, Marriott Support Service – we could be a match made I heaven!

“Everyone has something to contribute to this world. It’s just a matter of being given that opportunity to do so.” Grace Hightower, thank you Grace, whoever you are.

Contact Erica [email protected]

Phone 03 9577 6902


Rodney (R) volunteers at Marriott Industries.

Rodney (R) volunteers at Marriott Industries.

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