What services does Marriott Industries provide?

We provide a range of commercial services inclusive of Packaging, Light Assembly, Dry Food packaging, 3PL Warehousing/ Storage, Re-work, Product Marketing and Bonded Warehousing.


Where is Marriott Industries located?

Our easy to access warehouses are located at 15a & 10/56 Keys Road in Cheltenham.


How does Marriott Industries deliver on quality?

With a focus on our customer’s expectations, we provide quality assurance processes that allow you to be confident that we work with the same dedication to success as you have for your own business. Marriott Industries ensures the highest quality standards are monitored and delivered. We conduct regular quality audits as we are constantly seeking continuous improvement to our processes and services.

What happens if my job requirement changes?

We understand that priorities can sometimes change and that is why we adopt a flexible approach to our working relationships. We can adapt quickly to your changing requirements, ensuring your job is completed to your satisfaction.

Are you able to offer services Australia Wide?

Yes, we have affiliations with service providers in all states and can manage your projects for you with our affiliated partners

What accreditations does Marriott Industries have?

Marriott Industries observes the principles of best practice and continuous improvement. We are ISO45001 (Quality Management) & AS4801Occupational Health & Safety) accredited. We take quality, service, and safety seriously.

Can you offer guidance on a project?

We pride ourselves on being able to develop systems that work best for the customer.

We can work with you to achieve the best way forward for you and your business. Marriott Industries observes the principles of best practice and strives to make a positive impact.