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Exercising our curious minds at Scienceworks

By Jennifer Lumsden, November 28 2018

Great place to spend a day.

From the Scienceworks website, ‘Scienceworks is bursting with things to challenge curious minds of all ages. In just one visit, you can stroll among the gigantic machines that kept the city running, enjoy electrifying theatre in the Lightning Room, wander through our immersive exhibitions and drop into deep space in the Melbourne Planetarium. @scienceworks

A group from Roads to Independence (RTI) wrote about their visit.

Recently, we went to Scienceworks. We caught the train from Moorabbin station to Flinders street and connected to the Williamstown line to Spotswood. Robbie was in charge of the directions.
After we got our tickets we sat in the sunshine and had morning tea.

When we got there Alex was so excited to race Cathy Freeman that she raced six times. We used the exercise machines to test our fitness.

We took a tour around the pumping station, and we raced each other in wheelchairs. We enjoyed the space exhibition and lay on the vibrating chairs watching beautiful stars in the Planetarium.

We had a great day at Scienceworks.

Written by Alex and Anthony L

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