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Escape Hunt Experience

By Jennifer Lumsden, August 12 2019

Recently, a group from Roads to Independence travelled into the city to the Escape Hunt.
The objective is to escape through four rooms in one hour. We were given a walkie-talkie and were able to ask for clues by a member of the staff, we were also given small flashlights (that did not work too well) to help us in the darkroom.

Some of us had experience with escape rooms, but for others, it was their first time. The challenge was to be detectives and solve the clues to get us through the rooms to find the missing jewels.

The first room’s challenge was to get the lights working and to get a minecart to move by finding the missing pieces. We found it hard so we asked for a clue.
In the second room, we had to find a code to a locked door by using a cipher key found on four different faces with hidden symbols that were on the faces.
The third room was hard because it was a lot smaller, which made it harder to find the clues. At times, we had to backtrack into previous rooms to find clues we had missed.
In the fourth Room, we had to try to open a safe by finding an access code. We found the code but ran out of time before we could open the safe. A member of the staff had to come in to help us with the final room.

We learnt that to succeed we had to have patience, an open mind and work together as a team. Sounds like good advice for life!

Serious work going on in the Escape Room

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