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Enviro Management Services continues to grow

By Jennifer Lumsden, July 17 2020

Enviro Management Services (EMS) has been providing horticultural, land management services and grounds maintenance across Melbourne, Victoria for over 30 years.

We create value for our customers who include the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Melbourne Water and South East Water, Level Crossing Removal project and various local government organisations providing employment opportunity for people of different abilities.

EMS crews working on DHHS provide quality grounds maintenance, gardening and cleaning for over 500 properties in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne and the Latrobe Valley.

Each crew incorporates people with different abilities creating employment, self-confidence and skill development for crew members, and more accurately reflect society, where 10% of the Australian community has a disability.

Like Nick, whom at age 30 has worked at EMS for 12 years since leaving school. Nick often works on DHHS crews and enjoys the satisfaction of seeing the improvement at each property because of their work. The supportive crew and learning new skills are also, what Nick values about working with EMS.

Incorporating people of all abilities into crews normalises people with disability as active in employment and contributors to society. Currently, there are 24 people with disability employed with EMS.

EMS makes a significant contribution to the objectives of Marriott Support Services, assisting people with a disability to lead a connected, healthy and independent life.

For more information contact Ray Lee on [email protected] or phone 9947 1123.

EMS crew member, Nick at work.

EMS crew member, Nick at work.


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