Employment Options

Marriott provides employment options for NDIS participants, tailored to an individual’s needs. We are committed to providing long-term supported employment opportunities for people with disabilities and are proud to assist people to maintain independence. Marriott is one of Melbourne’s leading suppliers of disability employment, assisting people to succeed through on-the-job training, and career progression options via our social enterprise businesses Industries, Enviro Management and Fresh Start. With a person-centred approach to support people with a disability, we assist in maintaining employment, and developing interpersonal and work-based skills through participation in real, meaningful jobs, in supportive work locations. In partnership with our staff, families and support workers/caregivers, we provide:

  • Skills development
  • Continuous support with work tasks
  • Options to build a person’s success via our work experience program, in-house training, working off-site and career progression opportunities
  • Established and sustainable businesses delivering quality service
  • A friendly, respectful workplace with zero tolerance for bullying and harassment
  • Workplace flexibility to negotiate personalised conditions

Our employees learn more than just workplace skills. We see great developments in their confidence, self-worth, independence and basic living skills.


To work with either business you must be:

  • Eligible or receiving a disability support pension from Centrelink
  • An NDIS participant and have employment funding
  • 18 years old or over
  • Able to work a minimum of 8 hours per week

*A goal relating to employment such as ‘finding and keeping a job’ will need to be included in your NDIS plan.

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    Finding and Keeping a Job

    Finding and Keeping a job is important when becoming independent.

    We understand the challenges people face with difficulty finding a job and that is why our team will support you to find a job which interests you.

    We teach you skills to help with finding and keeping a job you enjoy, based on your skill level and goals.

    Our staff will assist you to get job ready, which will help you grow in confidence, skills, and independence to succeed at work.

    We identify your future pathways to work. We help you:

    • Discover your strengths and interests and what you need to get a job
    • Develop the skills needed in the workplace including travel training, appropriate workplace behaviour and communication, time management and health and safety
    • Identify a work placement to match your interest and skills

    Based on your eligibility, our skilled staff can support you in small groups or individually.

    We offer volunteer and work experience options to help you decide what kind of job you would be interested and best at.

    The Community Hub enables you to interact socially which prepares you for the workplace.

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    To enquire about how we can assist you in Finding and Keeping a Job, please fill out the enquiry form