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Employment / Social Inclusion

Diverse workforce adds value to the disability sector.

By Jennifer Lumsden, June 21 2019

Rose joined Marriott Support Services in September last year immediately filling the rather large shoes of her predecessor. She quickly settled in making great connections endearing herself to the supported employees and staff alike.

Divisional Manager, Lindsay Smith says ‘It wasn’t long before Rose was mentoring a few folk sharing her vast knowledge and experience. Rose has become a highly valued member of the Marriott team not only for her quality work skills and dedication but also for her sense of justice, inclusion, warmth and terrific humour.’ Let’s find out more about Rose.

Before joining Marriott I..

Worked with community service and corporate organisations, including many years in aged care. All these offered me some great opportunities to work with some inspiring people.

In late 2015, I decided to retire to spend time with my husband, who had retired earlier. During that time, I renovated a Rosebud holiday place with my sister, assisted my son to organise and co-ordinate his first NDIS plan and set up an annual fundraiser.

Despite being busy, I missed the day-to-day connection & mental challenge of work, so looked for a different role from aged care, and that is how I ended up at Marriott Support Services as an Employment Support Officer. Things couldn’t have worked out better.

3 things I enjoy about working at Marriott.

  1. The positive outlook of supported employees about work at Marriott and their communities. I love working with supported employees on a one to one basis assisting with the development of strategies and skills to achieve their employment goals. I am very impressed with the commitment of supported employees who despite some life challenges, have a “never give up attitude”. It is an inspiration to a workplace to model such positivity.
  2. The diversity, experience and willingness of staff to embrace change with the NDIS.
  3. The team approach in my role, I very much enjoy that no two days are ever the same and being a part of the significant change sweeping through with the NDIS

Outside of work I…

• organise an annual fundraising event with a group of friends, for “It’s in the Bag” Charity, raising awareness of the difficulties women face who experience domestic violence. We collect donations throughout the year and pack as many handbags and backpacks as we can in November each year full of products, which makes the recipient feel loved and special.
• get involved in various family events, which happen with regularity given we are a family of eleven.
• spend a bit of time supporting my adult son to self-manage his NDIS package, which has been wonderful to see how far he has come. Other interests include card making when I have time and weekends away with my husband and other family members.

Rose plays an important role in enabling our supported employees to succeed in their employment goals.
Contact Rose to find out about opportunities for supported employment – Discover what’s possible.
Phone 9947 1115 [email protected]

Rose with Assistant Team Leader, Olivia.

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