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Building skills for life, at Westfield Southland.

By Jennifer Lumsden, July 21 2019

Roads To Independence (RTI) received a “ local hero” grant from Westfield Shopping Centre Southland and started a gardening project, planting succulents in quirky pots.

The group built life skills needed for independence such as; shopping, money handling and teamwork.

While working with the plants they gained a greater knowledge of horticulture, the great diversity of succulents and how to work with them.

In June, our partnership with Westfield Southland, opened the opportunity to promote Marriott once a month at the Southland shopping centre. Clients conversed with shoppers as they admired the beautiful “mini gardens” on display.

Here is what we learnt from:

Jesse – It was good to get out of our comfort zone, I have enjoyed meeting new people and it is helping me feel more comfortable being out in the community.

Ebony – The Gardening program and Southland have been fun, I have been building my confidence and it helps me to feel good.

Michael – I enjoy talking to people and working on my money skills when we count the money at the end of the day.

Andrew – It has helped me to improve my communication skills and meet new people that I do not know.

Chris – It feels great getting out into the community and I feel proud to represent Marriott. It’s also helping me feel more comfortable going out in the community.

Andy – I like seeing people take my plants home. It helps me feel happy. I like going to Southland it helps me to learn new skills I didn’t know.

Are you feeling admiration?

How often do you walk past people who want to engage in a conversation at a shopping centre? It is not easy to strike up a conversation with people you don’t know. The group members are confident enough to speak up and lead those conversations.

Why not pop down to Southland and say G’day, here are the next dates.
• 21st August
• 25 September
• 30 October

Westfield Southland is working with us to support people with disability to gain confidence and learn skills that further promote their independence in their community.

Ebony enjoys talking to shoppers at Westfield Southland.
The Marriott crew at Southland – Andrew, Chris, Michael, Ebony and Andy.

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