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Contributing to social inclusion, International Volunteer Week.

By Jennifer Lumsden, November 26 2019

Marriott named their Volunteer Award after long-serving Volunteer, Pam Rivers. We are thankful to all our Volunteers. This year there are two winners of the Pam Rivers Volunteer Award.

Carolyn started volunteering with  Marriott’s Roads to Independence, after her daughter, who was a corporate volunteer at Marriott Industries, recommended Marriott to her.

More than two years later, Carolyn has supported a number of people in different roles at Fairway Aged Care Facility. Jess, Ebony and Samson were supported by Carolyn in the chef’s kitchen, and Carolyn supported Liam in the office and Jess was supported by Carolyn when he went solo for an extra day.

Carolyn brings a ray of sunshine each week, she is a great communicator and works alongside staff to ensure each person is engaged in conversation and developing skills.

What do the Fairway team say?

  • Jess – Carolyn helped me with travel training when we moved to Keys road and now I am confident to travel independently.
  • Samson – Carolyn explains how to make the recipes in an easy way for me to understand.
  • Paul – Carolyn always chats with me and has made me feel welcome.

Bill volunteers at Ormond Tennis club, where he has formed a positive coach-player relationship with regulars like Richard, Brendan and Liam, who enjoy being on the court in the fresh air and improving their skills. Bill is encouraging, patient and committed and if he sees something that may be helpful, he gets to and helps. He has constructed 2 cylinders for picking up balls. It saves our backs and makes picking up tennis balls a breeze.

When a call goes out from Marriott Industries for some volunteer help, Bill is often the first to put his hand up and rolls up his sleeves and becomes part of the team for the day. Bill is no stranger to volunteering holding volunteer roles at Cabrini Hospital Malvern, Meals on Wheels and also drives elderly people to medical appointments for Bayside Council.

Congratulations to Carolyn and Bill on receiving this year’s Pam Rivers Volunteer Award winners.

We are thankful and proud of all our volunteers and their contribution to Marriott.

Celebrating volunteers, social inclusion

Celebrating volunteers,  Ebony with Carolyn (r)

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