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Christmas in July

By Jennifer Lumsden, August 6 2019

Last week a group from Roads to Independence celebrated Christmas in July. They wrote this blog together.

We all dressed up in Christmas clothes and tinsel. Kim had beautiful Christmas earrings on! We went to the city and walked over to the Winter village, there was an ice skating rink, which caught our attention.

We walked around and saw the igloo village it was full of fluffy chairs and cushions and surrounded by Christmas trees. It was great to see and the staff there were friendly to let us look around.

After a few laughs and jokes at the winter village, we walked across the Yarra Bridge into Southgate to PJ O’Brien’s for our Christmas lunch. The restaurant was full of Christmas decorations; there was a huge Christmas tree lit up with lights and the tables where set with Christmas tablecloths and wreaths.

The waiters complimented us on our outfits. While waiting for our food to arrive we played a few games of snap and sang along to the Christmas music. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was great. We learnt about Christmas traditions in different countries.

• In the Philippines, the parol, is a bamboo pole or frame with lighted star lantern on top. It is the most popular Christmas decoration in the Philippines.

• In Austria, Christmas trees are not decorated or lit until Christmas Eve. Many towns have Christkindlmarkt (Christmas markets) from late November selling decorations, food like gingerbread and yummy gluhwein.

• In Japan, the traditional Christmas cake is not a rich fruitcake, but a sponge cake decorated with strawberries and whipped cream.

After paying for our meal, we thanked the waiters before taking a few photos beside the Christmas tree.

Things we learnt

  • how to organise ourselves for an event like this
  • about how different cultures celebrate Christmas and
  • we discovered the ice-skating rink at Federation Square and Jess said he would like to go there with his weekend support worker.

We had a fantastic day! The atmosphere was beautiful and it was fun to dress up and sing Christmas songs all day.

Winter at Federation Square is open till the end of August

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